Why should I attend?

Our conference represents several opportunities that will not be realised elsewhere:

1. Our conference programme is uniquely themed (see “Themes” in “About us” section) to leverage the strengths of the best neuroscience experts in the country.

2. Our experts represent the best of both worlds: Our own Imperial College experts and experts from both Oxbridge and beyond who are the best in their fields.

3. Our conference is the only conference we know off that will set aside a specific time slot for engagement with our speakers. We have organised an Open panel discussion where all the speakers will take direct questions and answer queries about neuroscience, career progression and opportunities to get involved with them!

4. Finally, our conference is open to all applications of neuroscience across disciplines. Our attendees will include scientists, students and trainees in medicine, as well as engineers. This will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues in different fields united by their interest in neuroscience. Our speaker profile reflects this, and we hope this opens the doors to great collaborative relationships.

We hope this is enough impetus for you to spend your Saturday with us. If it is not, keep in mind that we will be serving breakfast, lunch and snacks included as part of your ticket price. We are also hoping to organise a drinks reception afterwards, although this will depend on our sponsorship funds.

In a nutshell, grab this opportunity by the horns and invest in your careers now! We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of February!